There are floors, and then there is parquetry. A highly trending style in flooring designs, parquetry brings the elements of texture and pattern to any interior.

Recommended for diverse environments from commercial and hospitality to residential spaces, parquetry flooring symbolises opulence and is designed to impress. With bespoke designs from Plank Floors, your design scope is limitless – parquetry is ideal for floors, walls or ceilings.


Chevron’s clean, smooth and angular pattern lends a distinctive look. A strikingly visual design with a 45-degree angle creates rare moods and impressive scenes. 

Chevron parquetry


Scattered parquetry brings the elegance of custom crafted floors into any space. Plank parquet floors add an element of refinement to the room.


A timeless classic that continues to trend today on designer floors, herringbone parquetry features rectangular planks laid in a zigzag pattern. This show-stopping design adds a dynamic effect to the space.

Herringbone parquet floor