Interior designers working in the commercial space are raising the bar when it comes to creative design. Commercial interiors are constantly evolving with new trends and forecasts that inform design planning. Plank Floors keeps track of these forecasts to provide the best decor colours that connect with local and international trends.

Natural elements have always been favoured in both commercial and residential interiors. Now more than ever before, sustainable and organic details are a fundamental part of design and are significantly influencing choices of shapes, forms and textures. In the age of creating social spaces and integrating biophilia in the workplace, colour and shape are two focal design elements in 2020.

Designers are consciously aware of how a space affects human behaviour and influences the occupants’ moods and emotions. With intelligent planning, design elements have the power to promote health, wellness and positivity in commercial workspaces.

Neutral palettes

Neutral colours evoke a soothing and relaxed vibe in an interior space. In a commercial environment, warm and neutral tones produce a calm and content emotion. Designers of hospitality, retail and office fitouts are consistently aiming to influence human behaviour by introducing a grounded theme that encourages a customer to return to the premises.

Shades of blue

A splash of colour in contemporary design can set the mood or create a focal point within a space. The colour blue evokes a cool, fresh and relaxed feeling – different shades of blue can effortlessly enhance surroundings through the introduction of furniture, textures and lighting into the design plan. Incorporating a vivid colour such as blue in an office environment can promote productivity and energy, and assist workers to stay focused.

Green palettes

Green, which represents rejuvenation and regeneration, has well and truly found its way into commercial interiors. A green colour palette reflects the beauty and wonders of the natural world and creates a calm soothing atmosphere. It promotes health and wellbeing, and when paired with sustainable and organic features, creates a biophilic design that delivers a happier, healthier work or social space.

Opulent design

The feeling of luxury is a positive and gracious emotion, which enhances the feeling of exclusivity and sophistication. Opulence in commercial interiors can be showcased using velvet and curved furniture, as well as hues of red, purple and terracotta. These stunning design elements can be easily paired with Plank’s engineered floors – the diverse woodgrain palette, for instance, can be used to amplify the overall design concept.