Whirlybird ceiling vents from Planet Green Insulation will extract super heated air and replace it with fresh air, providing an effective cooling solution.

The three main advantages of installing a whirlybird are:

  • Roof space temperatures can be lowered, reducing the amount of heat radiating into the home.
  • Ducted Air-Conditioning systems operate more effectively with roof space ventilation reducing energy bills.
  • Up to 12 litres of moisture per day is drawn into roof spaces from shower and kitchen fans. This can cause mould and mildew. Adequate roof space ventilation can help maintain a dry atmosphere
The Windmaster is a 300mm throat aluminum ventilator, which is suitable for use in conjunction with Whirlybird ceiling events and has been specially designed for Australian conditions.

Unique features and benefits Windmaster ventilators include:

  • Windmaster ventilators use two precision steel bearings located in a patented bottom bearing assembly. This ensures smooth and quiet operation.
  • Windmaster ventilators are the first domestic vents where the bearings can be easily replaced by the homeowner.
  • Windmaster ventilators have a special reinforced dome designed to provide extra resistance against hail.
  • Windmaster ventilators are available in an extensive range of colours including – mill, brown, black, homestead, heritage red, caulfield green, white, mist green, rivergum, beige and slate grey.
  • In independent laboratory tests, Windmaster ventilators withstood wind velocities of 180km/hr and satisfied the international Rain Dynamic Rain Penetration Test.
  • Edmonds offers a lifetime warranty on the body of Windmaster ventilators, for the original installation. A separate 10 year warranty is provided for the bearings, but these are easily replaceable.
  • Windmaster’s “Vari-Pitch” throat and malleable flashing suits all roof types with slopes from zero to 45°.