Manufactured in accordance with Australian Standards and Football Federation Australia regulations, PILA group’s portable soccer goal posts (PSG’s) comply with safety standards and guidelines to help prevent deaths and serious injuries arising from PSG’s tipping over and landing on a person.

PILA PSG’s come with warning stickers and usage instructions, providing the club, school or public playing field with a safe sporting environment.

Portable soccer goal posts (PSG’s) must be anchored at all times to prevent the goal overbalancing.

PSG’s are required to include anchoring equipment and PILA PSG’s come complete with pre-drilled anchor points and steel anchor pegs.

Anchoring equipment must be supplied with PSG’s as an essential part of the equipment, not as an accessory, and instructions for anchoring must be provided. All PILA PSG’s come complete with assembly instructions for anchoring goals.

There are several different anchoring methods that can be used to secure PSG’s depending on factors such as the playing surface, soil type, soil moisture content and the weight of the goal itself.

PILA PSG’s use heavy duty steel pegs to anchor the goal frame to the playing surface. Always play it safe. Following basic safety checks and precautions each time the PSG’s are used will ensure the goals are stable, secure and safe for use. PSG’s should always be checked before training and playing to make sure they are safe. If in doubt, do not play.

PILA PSG’s have been designed for everyday use; comply with safety and sports competition standards. They are easy to assemble, move around the field and store when not in use and, as a result, PILA PSG’s are chosen by councils, clubs and schools across Australia.

Features of the professional soccer (football) goals:

  • Can be easily moved and stored when not in use preventing vandalism
  • Can be easily moved and stored when not in use making the field multi-use
  • Can be easily dismantled for storage or transportation
  • Regulation anchor points and pegs for additional stability securing frame to ground
  • Sturdy rear ground base support and side angle supports improve stability and safety
  • Wheels for even easier manoeuvring available on request
  • Round tube with no sharp edges provides a safer finish
  • Easily transportable and can be manually assembled and removed quickly
  • Easily installed and moved around manually by 1 or 2 people without machinery
  • Easy to move to storage when not in use without the need for trailers or trucks
  • Powdercoated gloss white finish over round aluminium tube for goal mouth
  • Hot dipped galvanised steel portable base kit
  • All parts finished to suit a long life in an outdoor environment
  • Compliant with Australian Standards and FFA requirements
  • Goals come complete with required warning labels and instruction manual
  • Tested design and construction gives a long-lasting, low-maintenance product
  • Easy to assemble and move around playing fields as required
  • Savings in maintenance, handling, storage from a cost effective design
  • Easy to use lacing hooks for nets fitted to goals; not unreliable net tracks