PILA group  were contacted by Channel 9 and The Footy Show to supply quality goal posts for Hazem El Maseri’s historic re-enactment of the time when Hazem El Masri officially beat Andrew Johns to become the leagues leading point scorer.

The re-enactment took place in the Channel 9 studios car park during The Footy Show, so PILA group had to set up the goals in a short time frame and stabilise them on top of the asphalt car park to ensure the safety of the spectators and stars of the show. Custom bases were manufactured for extra stability to allow for 9m goals to be stable on un-level ground and in the case of high winds on the night.

PILA rugby league goals are designed in a 2-piece format to allow easy transportation to and around the event site. The goals are then assembled on site and are easily stood by two men without any need for tools or machinery, preventing damage to the site surface.

To make installation easier, PILA group use a custom bracket system to clamp the cross bar to the uprights. The brackets are adjustable at both ends of the crossbar so that the crossbar can be levelled even if the ground is uneven.