The Boyer picture hanging system, available from Picture Hanging Systems , was developed in the 19th century and has been used widely throughout France as a hanging system for galleries and private art collectors.

In 1982, Boyer was looking for a distributor of their products in the United Kingdom. A one-man picture framer took up the idea and eventually his business evolved into Picture Hanging Systems. They introduced this century-old technology to the British public and it was immediately taken up by major galleries and serious art collectors.

An enquiry from an architect working on a project for The Tate Gallery made it clear that there was a need for a more modern version of Boyer’s idea. Their designer’s first reaction was ‘surely we could design something better than that,’ it looked so old fashioned, but that was part of its charm and of course, it worked. They had to accept that its age demanded respect. So they turned their creative talents to designing a completely different, alternative.

The result of this is the Avanti System, a modern, wall-mounted rail with either clear nylon or stainless steel cables or fully adjustable hooks. This was later joined by the Locator System.

Luke Norman worked for the parent company in the UK before he decided in 2003 to settle in Brisbane, where he has established Picture Hanging Systems.

In the UK, Luke Norman was a key member of staff. As such he was responsible for redesigning the Company’s manufacturing and assembly facilities. The result of which is that several processes, which had previously been subcontracted are now carried out ‘in house’.

Luke Norman was also instrumental in developing a system of free-standing display panels, for temporary exhibitions, with a built-in hanging rail. These have proved extremely successful in the UK and plans are underway to produce them in Australia in the near future. The range of lighting will also be increased to include individual picture lights and the Locator Hanging & Lighting System.

Advice, to gallery owners, art consultants or private individuals, in the form of a personal visit if necessary, is available within the Brisbane area as is an installation service. In other areas, a network of ‘Approved Installers’ is being established. They will also be qualified to give advice.

Picture Hanging Systems are the manufacturers of The Avanti System, here in Australia, accredited distributors of Stas products for Australia and the sole distributors of Maison Boyer products for Australia and New Zealand.