Tumbled pavers have become one of the popular selling products in today’s Natural Stone market. Trends have changed over the last couple of years and consumers are looking for the style of Natural Stone for outdoor usage.

Phoenician Stone  have a wide selection of tumbled pavers in many colours to suit any style. Unlike concrete pavers, Natural Stone is durable and does not fade.

Phoenician Stone’s tumbled pavers also have a low water absorption making them one of the densest pavers on the market. Tumbled pavers are available in 400x400x28mm and 600x400x28mm French pattern and cobbles. There is a colour and size to suit any project. Colours include St Moritz, Marseille, Beige, Grey, Tuscan and Notre Dame.

Tumbled pavers from Phoenician Stone also have a low slip rating, making them suitable for any commercial application or around swimming pools. Unlike Travertine, Phoenician Stone’s tumbled pavers do not require filling and are suitable for all areas.