Philmac  have launched a new catalogue to keep customers up-to-date with all of the latest product offerings.

The 2008/09 catalogue, which has been published in two full colour versions for trade and retail applications, is available in hard-copy, in both trade and retail versions and includes more then 700 new part numbers and with 3000 products listed in total.

Key features of the new catalogue include:

  • Logical product category headings and colour-coded sections for ease of navigation
  • Pricing for both trade and retail in the trade catalogue
  • Summary page of new products located at the front of the catalogue for quick reference
The new catalogue had been designed to showcase the Philmac range in an easy-to-use format.

The new catalogue contains all the products built by Philmac along with new market offerings. It is easy to read and source product information.

The catalogue also includes the Friatec Electrofusion range and the Marley rainwater harvesting ranges that could open up a new potential revenue stream for Philmac customers.

The catalogue also includes a range of merchandising products including display bins.