Construction specialists have been given access to world class electrofusion technology following the appointment of Philmac as Australian distributor for Friatec electrofusion fittings and equipment.

Philmac, a pioneer in polyethylene (PE) pipe-joining technology, can now provide permanent electrofusion connections for PE pipe up to 800mm.

Philmac’s market manager – Civil and Mining, Richard Mackenzie, said the addition of Friatec’s Frialen range of electrofusion products formed part of Philmac’s strategy to be Australia’s ideal supplier of pipe connections to the construction industry.

“Philmac has been involved in the electrofusion product category for many years and we are happy about the opportunity to distribute the Frialen range of electrofusion fittings,” he said.

“Frialen is a major electrofusion brand and Friatec provides technical and product support in line with its position in electrofusion technology and manufacturing.

“Frialen electrofusion fittings ensure pipe connections are reliable, simple and safe.”

Richard said the Frialen range offered numerous advantages to other electrofusion products on the market.

“Frialen is an ideal range of electrofusion fittings in the world that offers permanent connections for pipes up to 800mm in diameter,” he said.

“The fittings feature exposed heating coils to ensure maximum and symmetrical heat transfer between the fitting and the pipe during fusion. Clamping is not necessary as the pipe is gripped into the fitting as soon as the fusion process commences.

“Frialen fittings are designed to improve the integrity of the fusing process and offer extra wall thickness and longer length to the fusion and cold zones.”

The Frialen product range includes:

  • PE to PE fittings (couplers, tees and elbows) for pipes between 20mm to 800mm in diameter
  • Saddles – to repair or enable take-offs from existing pipelines
  • Threaded fittings – to make connections between PE pipe and a threaded outlet
  • Valves – to allow water to be controlled along a pipeline

Philmac will also distribute Frialen electrofusion equipment including a barcoding reading fusion unit, top loading tools and a range of scraping tools to make installation easy.

Philmac’s national marketing manager, Russell Schrale, said the Frialen range of electrofusion fittings are manufactured to meet AS4129 and carries both Standards Mark and Watermark.

“We have invested heavily in the range to ensure that we can support customer orders with stock levels, access to equipment and technical support,” he said.