Philips Lighting announces the new Lighting Catalogue 2014/15 for the Australian market.

Featuring the latest LED lighting solutions from Philips designed to transform the way light is incorporated in design and experienced in the built environment, the new lighting catalogue showcases thousands of products providing a comprehensive guide to the lighting technologies available across professional luminaires, consumer luminaires and lamps in addition to standalone controls and electronic control gear.

The lighting catalogue aims to be a helpful guide for electrical contractors, specifiers, lighting designers, systems integrators, architects, builders and OEMs while executing specific lighting design projects.

Philips’ wide range of LED lighting systems featured in the catalogue underlines the brand’s global commitment to delivering sustainable and affordable lighting solutions for every project in homes, offices, retail stores, industrial and commercial environments, sports facilities and cities. Philips’ portfolio will continue to feature existing popular lighting technologies such as halogen and fluorescent lamps and luminaires.

A technical data section has also been incorporated in the catalogue to guide users through the principles of LED technology, in addition to specification data for lamps (colour temperature, colour rendering), applications, optics and lamp characteristics.