Philips Lighting  was established in the year 1891 by Gerard Philips in Eindhoven. Philips Lighting is a manufacturer of different kinds of lamps such as fluorescent lamps and other electrical products.

Philips Lighting offers a wide range of electrical products including control gears, portable lighting bulbs, automotive lighting, luminaires and lamps to cater to each customer requirements.

The variety of lamps offered include fluorescent, incandescent, reflector, compact fluorescent integrated, induction, halogen, compact HID and compact fluorescent non integrated lamps. These products are used for variety of applications including industries, offices, schools, shops, roads and other purposes.

Philips Lighting currently holds nearly 22000 trademark registrations, 75000 rights and 6000 design registrations. Philip Lighting always focuses on new ways to improve its products as well as to make its products available at various price ranges.

In 2001 Philips Lighting introduced Chronosense, a step dimming road lighting bulb which helps in minimizing the cost of operation. Chronosense was produced by installing telesense and starsense systems in it, which automatically control switching and dimming of light. LED of 100LM/W with lifetime of 10,000 hours was introduced in 2002 by Philips Lighting and HP.