An innovative lighting design and installation by Philips Lighting has helped transform an urban highway project dramatically, creating a spectacularly impressive entry into Perth.

Gateway WA is a prestigious project implemented to improve the safety and efficiency of the road network accessing Perth Airport and the surrounding industrial areas. Featuring an innovative urban design including the ‘Sky Ribbon’ art piece by artist Rick Vermey, which consisted of three bridge structures at the highway interchange, the project called for a dynamic lighting system.

A dynamic Philips Color Kinetics LED lighting system consisting of Philips Graze Powercore MX4 grazing fixtures was selected to highlight the detail of the 220 aluminium etched panels. The lighting fixtures were used to enhance the textured patterns on both sides of the shields, with colour-changing effects making for a spectacular view.

ColorGraze MX4 Powercore high-output luminaires are ideal for high-intensity multi-storey facade and surface illumination at minimal setback. Key features include RGBW and RGBA options providing an expanded colour palette and white light cap; even illumination and colour mixing at distances greater than 152mm from fixture lens, with no shadows in between fixtures when used end-to-end; light output of more than 600/500 lumens per 300 mm/foot (RGBW/RGBA full intensity); and Powercore technology directly accepting 100-277 V AC line voltage.

The Philips lighting system can be programmed for customised dynamic colour changing settings to reflect special events, happenings and occasions.

Ilario Spagnolo, Main Roads Project Director on the Gateway WA Project said that an important design objective from the outset was to create something that was unique to the state and to the country, which would express the dynamic, creative and rapidly evolving character of Western Australia.

According to Spagnolo, Sky Ribbon stands out on Perth’s night sky, becoming an iconic part of the entrance into the city for both visitors and locals alike.