A new architect-designed Sydney residence in Tennyson Point has installed one of Philips Dynalite fully integrated lighting and home automation systems.  

The client required a system that could provide residence-wide intuitive control, and one that would not compromise the clean architectural lines of the home with unsightly wires and conduits.  

The Philips Dynalite home automation systems are practical, intuitive and easy to use, enabling the homeowner to perform pre-set or customised lighting configurations as well as complex multi-system changes.  

Not only are these systems flexible and convenient, the Philips Dynalite home automation systems also deliver energy efficiency, in the form of the following functions:

  • The bathrooms are equipped with energy-saving occupancy sensors that ensure pre-programmed lighting is only activated when the rooms are being used
  • Automated window louvres and blinds maximise the use of natural light, minimising the need for artificial lighting
  • Energy saving coloured LED luminaires enable the homeowner to select from a range of pre-set lighting palettes that conserve energy  
The Tennyson Point home’s numerous automated processes are supported by a single residence-wide communications system; the Philips Dynalite peer-to-peer communications serial bus network, DyNet. 


Two third party control systems have been integrated with the lighting control system via serial-port interfaces and network bridges.

This control system is simply managed and configured through any of the home’s Philips Dynalite user control panels, two third party touchscreens or any of the system’s hand held remote controls.