After a sustained growth period over the last twenty years, Dynalite have recently been looking for a partner to assist in taking the company to the next level. Philips strategic focus is to strengthen its lighting controls portfolio with an emphasis on providing energy management solutions.    

There are clear synergies between Dynalite and Philips; Dynalite augments Philips vision through delivery of a strong product portfolio, substantial intellectual property and effective market access to certain channels. Dynalite management and staff will be fully integrated into the Philips Lighting Electronics business within the Philips Lighting Sector, a process that will take three years. For the foreseeable future, the Dynalite company structure and day-to-day operations will remain the same, and the same levels of support and service will be provided.  

Similarities between Dynalite and Philips include their vision to expand the existing lighting controls market, securing a position to lead the global shift to energy-efficient lighting solutions. Dynalite will create value for customers and continue to use a market needs approach that focuses on four core beliefs:  

  • Anticipate the needs of the market
  • Provide a range of solutions to fill current and emerging needs
  • Investigate alternative ways to fill needs
  • Develop new and different solutions for emerging needs.