Featuring an award-winning home automation system from AVD Australia, an environmentally friendly residence has leveraged the reliability and flexibility of Philips Dynalite ’s lighting control and automation technology.

It is not unusual for homes to be equipped with state-of-the-art home automation technology and systems, and when used correctly such systems provide owners with a powerful combination of easy-to-use operability and sophisticated functionality.

The home automation technology pioneers recently raised the bar for system integration and performance at a new residence in Sydney, Australia. From the concept and design through to installation and commissioning, AVD Australia has provided the unique Sydney residence with a fully integrated and customised home automation system. 

The converted warehouse dwelling is five storeys high and has been especially designed to reduce power consumption and optimise efficiency.

Incorporating individual best-of-breed systems dedicated to lighting, audio-visual, temperature and security, the integrated home automation system provides the occupant with the highest level of control available.

A residence-wide communications backbone founded on the latest lighting control and automation technology from Philips Dynalite is a key element of the home automation system.