A customised smart home automation system from Philips Dynalite was installed at a renovated luxury residence in London to integrate lighting, blinds, security and home entertainment systems.  

Installed by Philips Dynalite Dimension dealer Morban Ltd., the modern home automation technology has provided the Finchley House in London with superior performance, ambience and simplicity.  

Key client requirements included: 

  • Installation of sophisticated lighting controls in all key areas of the building including the entire ground floor, master bedroom and en-suite 
  • Mood lighting, sensor-activated lighting in hallway areas, automated blinds and integration with AV systems 
  • User-friendly controls with sufficient robustness to withstand interaction with children 
  • Capability to set different moods simply and effectively
Working with the client from the concept stage, Morban custom-designed the smart home automation system to suit the specific project requirements, a process that was simplified thanks to the flexibility and capabilities of the Philips Dynalite solution. 

Designed to the client’s complete satisfaction, the home automation system features a simple interface to the sophisticated engineering hidden behind the control panels.   

Delivering simplicity of use, safety, security, ambience, sophistication and flexibility for future technology updates, Dynalite's home automation systems are designed to allow expansion to meet future requirements.  

Highlights of the Dynalite home automation system installation: 

  • AV systems in the master bedroom and TV room are integrated to the system 
  • Universal remote control units control the lighting to these areas 
  • Integrated home security with ‘welcome’ and ‘goodbye’ functions control the lighting when entering or leaving the building 
  • Pathway lighting automatically activated in the event of a security or fire alarm 
  • 49 controlled lighting channels in all supervised by 5 Philips Dynalite controllers 
  • Leading-edge controllers manage the custom-built chandeliers in the reception area and the dimmable circuits 
  • Multipurpose controllers supervise the dimming fluorescents, cold cathode, LED and in-ground metal halide lighting circuits plus motorised Venetian blinds for bi-fold doors
  • Philips Dynalite’s communications serial bus network, DyNet provides the backbone that links the various systems 
  • Three universal sensors installed in the hallway areas to provide automatic lighting when movement is detected and ambient light levels are low 
  • Lights are switched on automatically with movement in the common areas, protecting against tripping and injury 
  • 12 Revolution two wall panels featuring intuitive controls used throughout the house