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    Dynalite launch 100BT Ethernet gateway series

    Philips Dynalite

    Dynalite  have launched the 100BT Ethernet gateway series. The 100BT Ethernet gateway series permits Ethernet connectivity between Dynalite’s advanced peer-to-peer communications serial bus network, DyNet, Dynalite control systems and third-party technologies, such as audio-visual and building automation systems.

    Comprising three compact and lightweight models (DNG100BT, DDBG100BT, and DMNG100BT), Dynalite’s new 100BT DyNet-to-Ethernet gateway series is available in a variety of housings and mounting options to suit control applications. Wall, shelf and DIN-rail mounting options, along with a selection of enclosure types, including steel, polycarbonate and plastic, provide users with installation flexibility.

    Dynalite’s 100BT Ethernet gateway series supports TCP/IP protocol with either static or DHCP-assigned IP addressing. The gateway’s ‘routing mode’ enables multiple units to be linked through point-to-point or broadcast modes, while its integrated web server permits browser-based control.

    The 100BT Ethernet series is an element of Dynalite’s end-to-end solution-set. This integrated distributed control system comprises a range of controllers, multi-function occupancy and light-level sensors, user interface panels and switches, a PC-based graphical control and monitoring interface, plus Dynalite’s DyNet network. The 100BT Ethernet series is suitable for building occupants.

    According to Dynalite, the new 100BT DyNet-to-Ethernet gateway series provides commercial and residential building owners and occupiers with streamlined controllability and scalability. The 100BT Ethernet gateway allows multi-site remote control and linking through the Internet, or corporate LANs. Dynalite observe that rather than designing and installing individual networks for each control system, a single Ethernet-based network can be used to access and distribute lighting control information. Users can tap into this central Ethernet loop using a 100BT gateway.

    The 100BT gateways can be linked to touch-screens or HMIs for displaying and analysing diagnostic data. Further flexibility is provided by two power-supply options/units with an integrated power supply. There is also an option for a unit that can be powered by the DyNet network.

    The 100BT Ethernet gateway series is built on control intelligence that is distributed about the network in a modular fashion and linked through the DyNet network. Equipped with a built-in programmable logic controller (PLC), the new 100BT DyNet-to-Ethernet gateway series can process conditional and sequential logic or arithmetic functions.

    Dynalite observe that the 100BT Ethernet gateway is not reliant on third-party controllers and is easily configured through a laptop computer. Once programmed, the unit’s on-board intelligence retains all the required information for fast operation, in the event of a power outage. If the gateway itself or the DyNet or Ethernet network goes off-line, the information is retained within the unit.

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