DTE310 Trailing Edge Dimmers from Dynalite are suitable for use with mains incandescent and low voltage incandescent fittings which are connected through trailing edge compatible electronic transformers.

Features of DTE310 Trailing Edge Dimmers:

  • 230V ±14% 50/60Hz Single Phase at 30A or 3-Phase Y 10A per phase
  • Three dimmed outputs (trailing edge phase control) at 10A. Total device load 30A
  • Eight multipurpose programmable dry contact 0-5V/0-10V DC analogue inputs
  • The Dimensions are: 450mm x 225mm x 75mm
  • Trailing Edge Dimmers have a Packed weight of 3.5kg
  • Each output is protected by a 10A MCB
  • Regulating device - IGBT 1200V, 57A nom., 200A surge
  • The Fall time > 200µS @ 230V