DLE405 Leading Edge Dimmers from Dynalite are used for regulating lighting circuits with resistive and inductive properties, including: mains voltage, incandescent, neon and low voltage incandescent connected through magnetic transformers or compatible electronic transformers.

DLE405 Leading Edge Dimmers are four channel energy management controllers with a maximum load per channel of 5A. They are recommended for use with incandescent, low voltage, neon and selected fluorescent lighting.

DLE405 Leading Edge Dimmers protect low voltage lamps and dramatically increases lamp life. This is achieved through Philips Dynalite’s voltage regulation and soft start technologies.

Features of DLE405 Leading Edge Dimmers:

  • 230V ±14% 50/60Hz Single Phase at 20A
  • Dimensions: 320mm x 225mm x 75mm
  • Packed weight 4.2kg
  • Four dimmed outputs at 5A
  • Each output protected by a 6A MCB
  • Rise time >200µS @230V