Phase Changer  offers cost effective three phase converter and power solution, which can be even relocated and resold as per clients’ requirements. The converters from Phase Changer are manufactured in Australia and China as well. Phase Changer has also designed and manufactured innovative microprocessor based controller. This controller is most important part of converters and is responsible for the overall performance of the finished power converters.

Additionally, Phase Changer takes pride in its team of microprocessor, electrical and power electronics specialists. The products from Phase Changer are based on verified technique of rotary conversion that is extensively applied in range of equipment for the last 50 years. Some of the other features of converters from Phase Changer include capacitors that store large volume of electrical energy, micro-controller to control the value of the capacitors, contactors and relays, high voltage industrial solid state switches and even more.

Some of the products offered by Phase Changer include 2.2K watt and 3K watt converters. These converters are provided as plug-in to socket-out design. This means that these converters from Phase Changer when plugged into 10 ampere or 15 ampere single phase outlet can give three phase 415 volt on the three phase outlet.