PGH Bricks and Pavers introduce two new glazed brick collections – Seascape and Urban Metal.

Seascape features soft, milky pastels to create a soft, calming feel to complement the casual, relaxed living and understated sophistication that defines the Australian indoor-outdoor lifestyle.

By applying a ‘colour wash’ approach, the PGH Seascape bricks work harmoniously with other materials and accessories within a residential or commercial project, immediately creating a sense of stability and comfort.

Colours and finishes of the Seascape collection allow easy flow from interior to exterior areas.

A full ceramic glaze finishes the bricks, which are ideal for either internal or external use.

Four colour finishes make up the collection including Pumice (grey), Lagoon (turquoise) Dusk (taupe) and Sea Salt (white).

The Urban Metal collection features bricks with a fully glazed metallic finish that literally shimmers.

As light hits the surface of the bricks in different ways and at different times, the finishes provide a variation of colour.

The collection helps create a sleek, modern urbanised atmosphere that is dignified, deliberate and powerful.

Featuring four colour finishes, the Urban Metal collection comes in Bronze Sheen, Copper Lustre, Silver Spark and Zinc Shimmer.

Both collections have been designed in partnership with leading trend colourists to reflect the tranquillity of the ocean and surrounds, and the metallic sheen of precious metals.

Architects and designers can experiment with the new colours and finishes, which can add a striking look to any design project.

PGH Bricks and Pavers design exponent Kathy Demos says, “Seascape and Urban Metals are resonating with architects and designers as forward-thinking ranges for both internal and external use. The innovative and distinctive collections expand the design options.”

Adding further to the appeal, thermal properties of the bricks make them sustainable.

With a range of colours, textures and finishes available, PGH extends the ability to capture personality and a sense of style within a facade or feature.