Crevole from the PGH Bricks Coastal Hamptons range was selected for the exterior and interior walls of a stunning new home situated in suburban Brisbane.

The Three Chimney House is a single storeyed residential building located in the outer east suburb of Chandler, approximately 30 minutes from Brisbane’s CBD. The house is designed by the Brisbane-based KP Architects and stands out for the three symmetrical chimneys that give the house its unique design and name. The pottery kiln in a small detached studio within the winter courtyard needed a chimney – this became the inspiration for the three-chimney design of the house.

Featured on Episode 2 of Open Homes Australia, the Three Chimney House features Crevole bricks from PGH Bricks & Pavers; the brick was chosen for its robustness to withstand Queensland’s harsh weather conditions, as well as its structural and textural qualities.

Crevole bricks have been cleverly used to create a seamless flow between the interior and exterior spaces of the home. The textured brick walls create protected outdoor living spaces, blurring the divide between indoor and outdoor living. The east and west wings of the unique H-shaped footprint of the home form summer and winter courtyards with inviting views, allowing the residents to enjoy outdoor living throughout the year.

Photography: Christopher Frederick Jones