CSR PGH Bricks & Pavers has released the latest line in its smooth-face brick range, The Modern Living Collection, which, with its superior texture and intensity of colour, allows architects to create timeless designs with a contemporary edge.

The Modern Living Collection comes in five new colours : Nutmeg, Smoke, Flame, Biscuit and Porcelain. These earthy, natural shades reflect the current trends in building design.

“Building homes and high rise buildings with these cutting edge colours will enhance the clean, contemporary look of modern Australian design,” says Andrew Hripko, marketing development manager for PGH Bricks & Pavers.

The Modern Living Collection offers bricks with an even colour and smooth finish. Architects and designers can use these smooth-face bricks to create large areas of flat colour and even texture, ideal for vast expanses of brick wall in multi-residential developments.

“The Modern Living Collection is versatile – not only are the bricks perfect for creating eye-catching facades and strong geometric shapes, they can be used in quoining, banding, panelling and feature sills,” says Hripko.

“Using a complementary range, such as the gently weathered PGH Matte Textures Collection, creates contrasting textures for instant impact. Alternatively, design elements and strong architectural lines can be accentuated with an off-white mortar.”

Matching mortar to one of the colours in the Modern Living Collection is a practical way to produce the monolithic effect of render. The lasting quality of bricks is a cost-effective way of achieving this popular look, as it will not crack and there is no need for maintenance and repairs.

Source: Building Products News.