Semi-glazed bricks from PGH Bricks & Pavers were used by Genworth Homes in their latest display house. The use of PGH’s bricks in combination with a unique colour scheme has resulted in an elegant traditional European style house, revealing the potential of the semi-glazed range in residential design.

‘The Apollo House’ was selected as a Horbury Hunt Residential Finalist in their 2012 awards.

The display house uses semi-glazed, black Apollo bricks and silver grey Antique Greenway pavers, with the combination of brick and paver giving the house a dignified and powerful appearance.

According to Chris Diamantis of the Genworth Group, the Apollo House design was inspired by the traditional row terraces in the urban landscapes of Amsterdam and the United Kingdom.

PGH Apollo bricks were chosen because of their close resemblance with the finishes found in Amsterdam and the United Kingdom. Presenting a bold, contrasting colour and texture palette, the bricks serve to give the home its stately and elegant presence.

PGH Apollo bricks also illustrate how clever design and considered material selection can combine to produce homes of exceptional presence and visual appeal.