PGH Bricks & Pavers  is collaborating with Enmore Design Centre, TAFE NSW on a unique street furniture design project involving 15 final year design students.
The project requires the TAFE design students to conduct research on the usability of a variety of exterior spaces within the Enmore Design Centre, which will involve studying the space, the users of the space and furniture requirements for the space, and identifying areas for improvement. The students will then define the concept and development by addressing accessibility, activity/uses, comfort/image and sociability. PGH bricks can be optionally incorporated into the design.
The project will then be presented as a proposal to TAFE Sydney Institute for a college upgrade. Students will also be designing chairs, benches, recycling areas, shaded areas and lighting to go along with the campus upgrade.
PGH Bricks has provided Enmore Design Centre students with an exciting palette of 132 bricks in wide-ranging colours and textures to consider for their project, which allows them to understand the materiality of the products firsthand.
Bricks selected from the PGH glazed and sandstock ranges include: 

  • Vibrant collection (glazed): Cosmic, Fizz, Paris, Rhapsody, Tango, Wasabi, Watermelon
  • Academy collection (glazed): Alumni, Juilliard, Nobel, Oscar, Quantum
  • Classical collection (sandstock): Blackett, Cadman, Castlemaine, Chisholm, Endeavour, Greenway, Northbridge
  • Timeless collection (sandstock): Balmain, Balmoral, Chatswood, Jackson, Mosman, Seaforth
  • Masters collection (sandstock): Da Vinci, Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh
  • Roman Splits collection (sandstock): Chatswood Roman Splits, Chisholm Roman Splits, Greenway Roman Splits, Northbridge Roman Splits
According to Robert Reid, Head Teacher of Product Design, TAFE NSW, the PGH Bricks tie-up provides the students with tangible access to the building and design industry and will give them hands-on experience when it comes to product design and innovation.
Lauren Saltman, Marketing Product Manager, PGH Bricks & Pavers describes the collaboration with the Enmore Design Centre, TAFE NSW as a very exciting opportunity for PGH Bricks to engage with the future of the design and building industry. She added that the integration of bricks into the project will showcase the diversity of products, colours and textures within the PGH range, integrated into building and design in an innovative way.
PGH Bricks & Pavers have also taken the students on a tour of Horsley Park to gain a greater understanding of the brick manufacturing process.