PGH Bricks & Pavers has assisted in the award winning Brisbane restoration project of Toowong’s ‘Corner Store Cafe’, a culturally significant building that reflects the historical past of the town’s area.

Adrian Spence, an Architect from Richards and Spence, has successfully designed the new ‘Corner Store Cafe’, which merged the character and simplicity of the pre 1950’s building, with a modern alfresco dining area that reflected its history and surrounding environment.

“The existing building had to be completely renovated, taking care not to lose its original charm; new external terraces were then added to both sides of the building, and finally a small produce garden was planted at the rear,” says Spence.

PGH Bricks & Pavers has provided their range of dry pressed bricks, to be used in both a structural and decorative capacity, in the restoration project. The use of the dry pressed pricks provided the plinths for the light weight roofing structure, formed the retaining walls for the terrace and dining area, which then was cleverly merged into an outdoor seating area that became an extension of the landscaping.

“The ‘Macarthur Mix’ from PGH’s dry pressed brick collection added a level of authenticity to the project, and the inclusion of the ‘Bullnose’ bricks in the design further complimented the overall look,” says Peter Mardiste, PGH’s Area Manager.

“Additionally, because dry pressed bricks are totally solid, the architect was also able to use them as a paving material, which was so typical during the period that the original building was constructed.”

The ‘Corner Store Cafe’ restoration project was awarded first prize in the ‘Outdoor Category’ by the Horbury Hunt Awards 2011. The Horbury Hunt Awards, run by ‘Think Brick’, acknowledges rewards and encourages the use of brick in residential and commercial construction.