PGH Bricks was part of a community project to build an extension to a kindergarten in Dayboro, Queensland.

According to Emma Healy from Reddog Architects, the Dayboro Community Kindergarten had a limited budget to create an open space and storage area. The concept design phase of the project was completed pro-bono by Reddog Architects, the quantity surveyor and the builder, while the construction phase used donated and discounted materials from various suppliers, including PGH Bricks & Pavers. 

To meet the kindergarten’s objective to create a memorable address for its community, characterised by playful colours and design details, the architect specified PGH Full Glaze bricks in primary colours (Fizz, Tango and Wasabi) for the project’s exterior.

A collage of PGH bricks has been used to create a playful, colourful design for the kindergarten. Reddog Architects also specified PGH bricks for a multi-purpose open space for the school community to create a welcoming and humble architectural language appropriate to a kindergarten. 

Working within the limitations of the budget, Reddog Architects conceived a brickwork collage using limited quantities of various end-of-run bricks, resulting in a lively and welcoming façade. The light coloured bricks in Thredbo and Bathurst provided tonal contrast to the chocolate bricks of the existing architecture, while the inconsistencies and cracks in the coloured glazed bricks added texture. 

Healy noted that the external palette of brickwork and weatherboard was contextually appropriate to the neighbourhood and echoed the existing building, providing a space that was at ease with its surrounds.

Apart from the use of robust, low maintenance materials, security, safety and low sun exposure were key design considerations with the architects intending to create an asset that would age well with minimal maintenance, and a space that would meet the kindergarten’s needs as it evolved to reduce the likelihood of wasteful demolition in later years. PGH bricks were ideal for meeting these requirements.