Queensland architect Shaun Lockyer selected a range of bricks from PGH Bricks & Pavers to match the existing brickwork at a unique restoration project in the Brisbane suburb of Ascot. Shaun Lockyer Architects was invited to be involved in the project even before the new owners had made an offer on the stately Monaise residence.

According to Lockyer, in nine out of ten cases, he wouldn’t usually try and match existing brickwork. However, he made an exception in this case and decided to find the best match for the bricks. He explains that the house is a unique blend of traditional Queenslander, Colonial and Tudor architectural styles. During the fifties or sixties, new brickwork was added to the base to lift the single level.

Approaching the project as a re-creation and restoration that required a contemporary finish, the architecture firm used existing structural elements and the outdoor piers as cues to continue the brickwork.

Lockyer says the PGH range offered them the best blend and availability in matching the existing brick colours, with the PGH team also visiting the site on Kitchener Road to learn more about the design objectives before recommending a mix. The combination of Smooth Black and Tan (40%) and Copper Glow (25%), with Linear Macarthur Mix (30%) and Mowbray Blue (5%) was found to be very compatible.

Lockyer said the bricks allowed them to be architecturally expressive in ways that weren’t possible with other building materials. Brick had been used inside and outside the house, and having a heavy grounded brick base with the light Queenslander on top, was a familiar style in the area.

While keeping the brickwork simple, the architects worked with the bricklayer to create geometric patterns behind the fireplace and around the courtyard, producing playful patterns of light and shadows. Lockyer says the brickwork in this project is a combination of heavy and light application, and has been used as an artistic installation is some respects, particularly with the towering wall in the backyard.

Internally, the existing brickwork, which seemed to have been part of the original construction, was restored and repointed. Though it wasn’t the prettiest element, the architects decided to prioritise the history of the home over design or colour consistency. The same PGH mix used externally was repeated internally to create dark and more intimate spaces at the back of the house.

Image: PGH supplied a combination of Smooth Black and Tan (40%) and Copper Glow (25%), with Linear Macarthur Mix (30%) and Mowbray Blue (5%) for the restoration