Climate change, along with Australia’s extreme environmental conditions that bring about flooding, hail and bushfires illuminate the importance of using building products that can sustain such conditions.  

PGH Bricks and Pavers are perfect for the Australian climate because they take care of the internal and external walls of buildings by providing durability and long term protection. Because of their durable nature, PGH Bricks and Pavers are a more cost effective alternative as the likelihood of replacing a building is minimised.  

Bricks are ideal for building and construction because they remain weather proof and withstand the test of time. Bricks do not rust, erode, rot or decay and they maintain their original shape. They protect against extreme conditions including: 

  • Wind – PGH Exposure Grade cavity bricks protect buildings against harsh wind brought about by conditions such as cyclones. This particular product is heavy and made of mortar, and during construction it is fixed to the foundation of the home, and can also be pinned to the framework of a building. This ensures the formation of a solid, tight structure.  
  • Floods – PGH Exposure Grade Bricks are unaffected by flooding, they don’t lose colour, structural integrity or shape when flooding occurs. PGH bricks are easy to clean after floods subside, and they do not require any external applications, paints or sealants to protect their aesthetic or structural integrity.  
  • Hail – PGH Exposure Grade Bricks are a natural, solid, external clay product and they are rarely affected by hail.    
  • Bushfire – PGH Bricks can achieve a Fire Resistance Level (FRL) of up to 240/240/240. PGH™ Bricks have a varying fire resistance level to ensure structural adequacy, integrity and insulation.  
PGH Bricks and Pavers are reliable and sustainable, and they enable customers to construct buildings that can withstand the harsh Australian environment.