Bricks and pavers from PGH Bricks & Pavers were used innovatively by Genworth in their new display home.  

Designed by Chris Diamantis of the Genworth Group, the display home in Kent Town, Adelaide features PGH Apollo semi-glazed bricks and Antique Greenway pavers.  

Incorporating a combination of innovative colour schemes while retaining a traditional style, the display home reveals the full potential of semi-glazed bricks in residential design.  

Called ‘The Apollo house’, Genworth’s display home uses a selection of silver and grey bricks representing an innovative design style inspired by the urban landscapes of Amsterdam and the United Kingdom. The display home showcases unique design, sustainable products and building systems as well as innovative brick colour schemes.

While visiting Amsterdam and the United Kingdom, Chris was impressed by the traditional row terraces of the regions as well as the use and finish of the bricks.  

The Apollo House featuring the PGH semi-glazed bricks represents Classical English Architecture.

The silver and grey bricks used in the home present a bold and contrasting colour and texture palette, lending it a stately and elegant presence while closely resembling the finishes experienced in Amsterdam and the United Kingdom.  

In addition to projecting a great solid to void ratio, the PGH bricks illustrate how clever design and considered material selection can combine to produce homes of exceptional presence and immediate aesthetic appeal.

Chris explains that his unique design and colour choices reflect a need to break away from the render trend and remind people of the visual appeal and durability of a well-executed design using face bricks.