PGH Bricks & Pavers  introduces the new Nickel Flash bricks to its extensive range of brick products specifically designed for builders, designers and architects to recreate a unique timelessness in home environments.  

Featuring a metallic finish, Nickel Flash bricks have been introduced by PGH following the success of the Blue Steel Flash and Pewter ranges.  

Similar to most metallic bricks, the colour of the product depends on the time of the day, angle of the sun and various elements of Mother Nature. Nickel Flash bricks have a deep tangerine base colour mottled with an eye-catching blue metallic flash.  

The unique metallic finish of Nickel Flash bricks transforms into different tones depending on the sunlight, and the position of the brick. Featuring a wire-cut face with mottled matte and metallic elements, Nickel Flash bricks can be imaginatively used to create unique building designs. The bricks can translate as natural, drastic, rustic, golden or rich.  

Face bricks from PGH are the preferred building material for reasons including sustainability, durability and thermal mass.  

Now available from PGH Bricks & Pavers, Nickel Flash bricks with a metallic finish are the perfect addition to any home, building or architectural design.