Bricks continue to be the most preferred building material in the Australian home segment, according to a recent study commissioned by Think Brick.

Aussies in pursuit of the Great Australian Dream of owning a home, see bricks as a superior and progressive material to build with; a material that’s durable and timeless in style, and also serves well as a versatile design tool with its myriad colours, shapes, textures and sizes.

The Think Brick National Consumer Tracking Study reveals that Australians strongly desire a home built with clay brick. Of all the respondents surveyed, 72 per cent would choose a home built with clay brick over any other material as it opens up endless customisation opportunities for contemporary Australian homes.

The study also revealed that respondents believe a brick home typically delivers a better return on investment with 65 per cent rating the performance of clay bricks against this factor. Brick was also preferred for its attractive and stylish appearance (69 per cent), wide range of design options (64 per cent), ability to withstand extreme weather conditions (74 per cent), and lower maintenance (76 per cent), as well as for being durable and non-combustible.

According to Jai Sanderson, general manager – marketing at PGH Bricks & Pavers for CSR Ltd, Australians’ loyalty towards brick comes from growing up in a family brick home.

“The Think Brick study revealed that more than 80 per cent of those surveyed agreed with the statement ‘a home designed with brick is everything I want a home to be’, which is clearly indicative of our nation’s steadfast loyalty to brick.”

While their affinity to brick is primarily connected to memories and experiences, the material also stands out for its ability to effectively address the challenges of the Australian climate in a built environment.

“As a natural product, brick also doesn’t compromise on beauty or strength, and provides endless possibilities to create visual interest. Available in an array of colours, sizes and textures, brick can create striking, monochrome coloured walls, or add textural qualities within a home. From walling to flooring and feature areas, brick offers incredible design flexibility and is exceptionally easy to maintain,” said Sanderson.

While brick can bring to life award-winning architectural homes, the ongoing financial benefits including energy efficiency, durability and non-combustibility make it the most desirable building material.