PGH Bricks & Pavers introduces two new colours to its popular Connoisseur Collection of bricks. PGH has also simultaneously launched the new Presto Connoisseur Collection as a complementary range.

Natural, earthy tones are trending in current building design, reflecting softness and rawness. Featuring natural colours with muted tones and a soft matte finish, the PGH Connoisseur Collection continues to meet the aesthetic demands of this design trend with the addition of two new colours, Vanilla Ice and Porcini.

Displaying a similar earthy sophistication, the new complementary Presto Connoisseur Collection consists of three products, Presto Liquorice, Presto Nougat and Presto Oyster, each product rich in colour and character, and made in a different size to offer the flexibility of mixing and matching to create unique brick wall designs. Larger in height than those from the Connoisseur Collection, the Presto range has a working size of 230mm L x 110mm H x 162mm W compared to the standard brick size of 230mm L x 110mm H x 76mm W.

The muted solid colours of the Connoisseur Collection make the bricks perfect for creating subtle sophistication in any home design. Matte finishes are popular not only for the soft and raw feel but also the minimal ongoing maintenance required. The natural matte finish of the Connoisseur Collection works beautifully with timber, stone and steel.

PGH Bricks & Pavers Design Exponent, Kathy Demos explains that the soft and raw vibes of matte finishes are trending in building products and design as well as in the automotive sector, which has introduced matte paint finishes in high-end cars. A matte finish has the ability to blend in more seamlessly into the environment than bolder, glossy finishes and colours; however, its subtlety does not go unnoticed, actually drawing attention beyond the surface to the detail and texture of the brick.

The raw earthy tone, which is achieved by rendering the colour almost neutral, makes a strong connection between the foundations of the earth and the foundations of the building. The Connoisseur Collection creates an elegant exterior that can be enjoyed for a long time without any maintenance requirement.

Bricks provide thermal mass, a key part of passive design that is proven to keep a home at a comfortable temperature all year round, reducing the need for heating and cooling devices, which in turn decreases electricity loads and provides cost savings. In addition to enabling energy efficient building design, bricks also offer design flexibility, acoustic insulation and durability.

The Connoisseur Collection is made from natural clay and shale using recycled water and is kiln-fired with natural gas in a controlled environment focused on recycling heat and waste materials. Each brick will continue to hold its environmental characteristics for its entire building lifecycle, and can also be recycled at the end of the building’s life.

The Connoisseur Collection is available in SA, VIC and TAS. The seven subtle colours in the Connoisseur and Presto Connoisseur collection include Nougat, Vanilla Ice, Oyster, Porcini, Caffe Latte, Aubergine and Liquorice.