If you are going for a brick-faced look for your home’s exterior, it’s very important to get the colour, or combination of colours correct. Selecting the right coloured brick will help you achieve the particular style you have in mind for the exterior, creating the perfect first impression.

Bricks available from PGH Bricks & Pavers come in a range of colours to meet the specific requirements of popular exterior design trends.


An all-time favourite with homeowners for exterior colour schemes, grey bricks come in a range of popular shades, most of them closer to charcoal in tone to deliver a dramatic, modern look to the home. Grey bricks can be used in combination with white mortar and trims for a contemporary feel, or blended with mortars in muted grey tones for a finish that’s both modern and classic. Choose Gris and Nero from the new Morada range by PGH Bricks for a streamlined look, or Black Beauty in Dry Pressed, the beautifully textured glazed Apollo from the Altitude range, or Urban Blue from the composite family.


Scandinavian and Coastal looks are trending in home exteriors, and consequently, white bricks are in great demand. The clean, simple lines of white add crispness to any exterior design scheme, and provide a perfect backdrop to landscaping. White bricks are also more practical than the white-washed paint alternative in terms of ongoing maintenance – the white brick finish retains its pristine purity unlike the paint option. PGH Bricks offers Crevole in the Velour range, which comes with a soft sheen or Van Gogh Roman Splits for classical textured style.


When you are going for a contemporary aesthetic with a colourful twist, you can select from bricks of multiple hues. Perfect for feature walls, kitchen splashbacks or fireplace surrounds, bricks of different shades can be used with white or grey bricks to create an eye-catching feature at the entrance. You can also mix up various colours to create a rainbow effect, or use a strong block of colour as a statement piece. PGH Bricks offers a stunning range of glazed bricks in the Vibrant series, including Wasabi – a heavily trending green and the spectacular Paris in a subtle plum shade.


If bling is your style, you could try the Metallics range from PGH Bricks – you could either go full-on with a completely metallic look on your home exterior or be more discreet with just a touch of bling. If the latter is more to your taste, simply blend metallic bricks with plain for subtle textured effects. Favourite metallics include Copper Lustre and Silver Spark in the Urban Metal range, or The Block’s choice, Pewter, from the Metallics collection.