PGH Bricks & Pavers supplied face bricks for a building construction project that transformed a large smash repairs workshop into a popular entertainment venue in the Sydney suburb of Rouse Hill.  

According to Ray Brown, building designer for the Australian Brewery and Hotel project, the existing structure was a large open plan, metal-clad shed that encased an expansive concrete slab, which was used as the foundation for the venue’s final layout and design.

The existing layout allowed them to work on a blank canvas, providing the freedom and opportunity to create a multipurpose venue to meet the diverse needs of a sophisticated clientele.

While finalising the key structural and decorative components of the building, the design team decided on using face brickwork for all major dividing walls and internal perimeter walls.

Marcello Colosimo, General Manager of Premier Venues explains the selection of face bricks for extensive use in the development.

Since the existing structure was already clad with metal sheeting, using brickwork as an internal lining material created a 'reverse brick veneer', which allowed them to take advantage of the thermal mass properties inherent in clay brickwork.

The face bricks could also reduce their energy demands for both heating and cooling, creating a more comfortable environment for their patrons.

Thirdly, bricks are essentially maintenance-free and renowned for their long-term durability. The face bricks selected for this project delivered the richness and warmth that was crucial to creating a friendly atmosphere at the venue.

Over 34,000 face bricks from PGH's Timeless Sandstock Collection in a combination of 'Balmain' and 'Seaforth' bricks were used on the project, which according to Jenny Page, Architectural Segment Manager for PGH delivered the texture, colour and uniqueness that can only be achieved with a genuine Sandstock brick.  

Jenny adds that the Sandstock brick is one of the few building materials that can be considered 'grounded, almost organic' as each and every brick is touched by a human hand during the manufacturing process.

The Australian Brewery and Hotel opened its doors approximately 12 months ago, and the resulting interior design using a combination of face brick, glass, recycled timber and the stunning concrete formed bar work seamlessly creates a contemporary environment.