PGH Bricks & Pavers  has introduced a few design tools based on technology to simplify the process of building better homes.

The new design tools include a mobile phone app for colour selection in addition to a website tool for colour schemes and an online creative space.


PGH App is a mobile iPhone app that allows users to take photos of products and colours they like and add them to their ‘My Scrapbook’ page on the PGH website. The simple yet very handy tool helps homeowners put together innovative colour schemes for their new homes.

Colour Click

Colour Click is a user-friendly scheming tool that helps homeowners create inspirational colour schemes for their home.

Developed by PGH design and colour experts who worked their way through thousands of colour combinations to create a set of contemporary colour schemes, Colour Click allows users to choose a colour scheme and then click through the colour options available in roofing, guttering and bricks to make their final selection.

PGH schemes provide a starting point to help a homeowner choose the right colour scheme for their home. Each scheme is made up of 60% brick, 30% roof tile and 10% trim, such as gutters, fascia, doors and window frames, representing the proportion taken up by these elements in a house.

My Scrapbook

My Scrapbook is an online creative space containing bricks, images and swatches for the user to select on the PGH website. Users can create their own scrapbooks by selecting and arranging various objects on a page and invite friends to view them.

The PGH Bricks iPhone app can be downloaded from the iTunes Store while Colour Click and My Scrapbook design tools are available on the PGH Bricks website.

A CSR Building Products business, PGH Bricks & Pavers is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of quality clay bricks and pavers.