Bricks and pavers from PGH Bricks & Pavers have been extensively used in the construction of the CSR House located in Schofields, NSW.
The CSR House is a showcase for innovation in building, materials and ideas, with sustainability as the primary objective. The sustainable home will serve as a building research facility where studies will take place on how residential buildings of the future may be built more efficiently while delivering higher levels of energy efficiency and comfort as well as meeting the changing needs of the market.
Several products from the PGH Bricks & Pavers range feature in and around the house, delivering functional and aesthetic qualities to the project. The insulated double brick cavity wall construction on the western facade achieves a total system R-value of above 6 in summer and winter (CSR Thermal Performance Certificate, May 2012).
Brick veneer walls (with wall wrap, insulation and plasterboard) have been used in other areas of the building to allow for not only design aesthetics and minimal maintenance but thermal and acoustic insulation, contributing to the energy efficiency of the built home design.
Featured PGH bricks and pavers include: 

  • Building façade: Pewter from the PGH Alchemy collection for double brick cavity wall and brick veneer walls
  • Garage parapet wall: Northbridge Roman Splits from the PGH Roman Splits collection
  • BBQ area: Wasabi bricks from the PGH Vibrant collection
  • Front perimeter wall to front of CSR House and garden area: Gledswood Blend bricks from the PGH Dry Pressed collection
  • Paved pathway: Peppercorn and Chestnut pavers from the PGH Wirecut collection
Nathan Benton, Construction Supervisor – CSR Innovations explains that a range of PGH bricks and Hebel & Cemintel cladding systems were used to create a contemporary look for the house. A combination of PGH metallic, glazed and sandstock bricks was added to provide the home with great colours and textures, while facilitating low maintenance and upkeep.
CSR’s latest innovation, the Monier SolarTile was also installed at the CSR House. Similar to the conventional ‘bolt on’ photovoltaic panel, Monier SolarTile is designed specifically to integrate seamlessly with the Monier range of flat profiled concrete tiles, delivering a ‘green energy solution’ along with good design and aesthetic appeal.
Featured Monier roofing products include: 

  • Monier Horizon roof tiles in Barramundi for most of the roof
  • Monier Horizon SolarTile (1.5Kw) and BP solar inverter for the main north facing roof
  • Monier A-line ridge in Barramundi used for all ridge capping
Colour selection was carefully implemented at the CSR House. Jenny Page, Colour Design Professional and Architectural Segment Manager, NSW explains that Pewter bricks from the PGH Alchemy range were chosen for their contemporary bold, metallic colour that visually anchors the exterior of the building while the Northbridge Roman Splits were used on the front garage as a neutral textured element to create a contrast.
Additionally, the Wasabi bricks from the PGH Vibrant collection were used as a striking feature in the alfresco area and the bright, bold lime colour was repeated as an accent throughout the house on soft furnishings and as a kitchen splashback. To ensure a flow of colour throughout the project, the Hebel entry was painted in a colour matching the Wasabi bricks. The Monier SolarTile integrates beautifully with the Monier Horizon Barramundi roof tiles with the system barely noticed on the roofline.
CSR House has met the HIA GreenSmart house guidelines for material use, energy efficiency, sustainability, waste minimisation, water efficiency, and landscaping and stormwater management.
The house is built to an 8 star energy efficient rating to provide tangible experience of how CSR products and systems can be used to provide high levels of affordable, cost-effective energy efficiency in home designs. Houses with an 8 star rating typically require around 75% less heating and cooling energy than the average Australian home.
Located at 75 Townson Road Schofields, NSW, 2762, CSR House is a 2-storey, 3/4 bedroom, 3-bathroom dwelling with a double garage, dine-in kitchen, two living areas and an alfresco BBQ area.