Leading Australian building materials manufacturer, PGH Bricks & Pavers is focussed on delivering the twin benefits of sustainability and energy-efficiency across its complete product range.
PGH clay bricks, for instance are highly durable products made with natural materials that not only have a long-term life cycle, but also provide an energy-efficient building solution, which is both recyclable and sustainable.
The benefits of PGH clay bricks as a high performance and sustainable building material are demonstrated in the CSR House, a recently completed full-scale house built from various CSR building products including PGH bricks and pavers. Functioning as a research and testing facility, the CSR house is built to an 8 star energy efficient rating to provide immediate, first-hand evidence of how CSR products and systems can provide high levels of cost-effective energy efficiency in Australian homes.
The house features a range of PGH bricks and pavers, providing aesthetic and functional benefits to meet a wide range of thermal, fire, acoustic, energy efficiency and sustainability requirements.
Key benefits of PGH clay bricks:

  • Highly effective in controlling temperature flow by absorbing, storing and releasing heat through thermal mass
  • Lowers electricity usage and enables subsequent savings on energy expenses
  • Low maintenance solution thanks to their enduring colour, eliminating the need to paint or render the material at any time
  • Provides acoustic benefits by reducing noise
  • Non-combustible, termite resistant and will not decay or rot
  • Aesthetically flexible