PGH Bricks & Pavers announces eight new colours in their Lang Mursten collection of long format Danish bricks for Spring 2019. With the latest additions, the sophisticated Lang Mursten palette now has 12 colours, providing architects and designers with fresh vision and creativity for their new architectural projects.

Representing the perfect fusion of cutting-edge design and practical functionality, the Lang Mursten collection of soft-moulded, tastefully proportioned bricks is designed to support the integrity and aesthetic of a luxury build.

Lang Mursten’s new colours include:

Jacobsen: Earthy colours blended to create a tactile, rustic finish.


Ingels: Various tones of grey juxtaposing shade patterns for added depth and interest.


Baumann: Soft and neutral for a contemporary, natural aesthetic.


Dreyer: Warm, darker earthy hues blended to create tonal variation.


Berg: Shades of grey with a roughened, textured finish for an elegant, natural aesthetic.


Lauritzen: Light, natural tones blended with soft sandy white for a contemporary look.


Moller: Grey paired with white to deliver design impact while the imperfect texture has a timeless look.


Hansen: Warmer shades interspersed with cooler counterparts to create a stunning tonal variation.