When the turnaround time on a construction project is challenging, taking some of the work offsite will not only streamline processes but also save on time and cost.

Construction industry stakeholders are increasingly executing processes offsite on various commercial and industrial projects. From pre-insulated water heaters and prewired fan coils for cooling equipment to preformed roof trusses and prefab buildings, among others, offsite construction works offer considerable benefits to both clients and builders.

The advantages delivered by offsite or prefabricated construction can be observed in the increasing number of important fire retardant components being developed; this form of modular construction is advantageous for fire rating for a number of reasons:

  • Setup and implementation can be done at a specific time with little reliance or impact on/ from other trades
  • Better control over when products are applied leads to improved construction timelines, resulting in cost savings
  • Controlled application environments improve health and safety, minimising risks onsite
  • Offsite application reduces requirement for onsite holding of stock, which improves build efficiency and cost control
  • Fabricating building components and structures offsite allows for more controlled conditions, resulting in improved precision and quality
  • Offsite application greatly reduces waste, benefitting the environment and the client’s Green Star ratings

More effective coordination of people, construction processes, materials and structural components results in greater jobsite efficiency. A typical large construction project involves numerous contractors, tradespeople and workers, all of whom require specific equipment, parts, supplies and materials to complete their assigned tasks.

The use of prefabricated, preassembled and offsite fabrication processes reduces the need to coordinate with multiple agencies, saving time, money and resources. When timelines improve in commercial and industrial constructions, project profitability improves simultaneously, benefitting all stakeholders and ultimately, the economy.