Peel Away  offers cost effective paint removal systems of different types. These paint removal systems are marketed under the company name Peel Away. Peel Away 6 paint removal system has been designed for removal of different layers of latex paints as well as vanishes just in a single application. Peel Away 6 is a safe remover suited for different surfaces that include wood, plaster, brick, stone, marble, cast iron, metal, aluminium, fibreglass and graffiti from various surfaces.

Peel Away 7 paint removal system is an alkaline paste can be used either with or without paper that enable the removal of multi layers of paints. This is suited for surfaces such as bricks, masonry, painted timber and window frames.

Peel Away has also developed a new concept in paint removal that include Marine safety strip. This safety strip has been specifically developed for the removal of multiple layers of marine coatings. This is an eco friendly safety strip suitable for various types of boats including fibreglass. This offers stripping without affecting the surface of the boat. This safety strip is also capable of removing the anti fouling without causing any damage to the gel coat. Peel Away Marine safety strip is proven to be a safe product that is non-caustic as well as devoid of methylene chloride.