Custom made fixed awnings, available from Pattons Awnings , are a structurally sound alternative to the traditional awnings used in both commercial and residential applications.

A high tensioned PVC sail on a fixed frame structure maybe more suited to the local environmental conditions than a series of folding arm awnings or umbrellas.

A new awning at Kirribilli Café in Kirribilli, for example, provides a complete water proof area over the outdoor seating area in a high wind location.

The fixed frames signify longevity of purpose and also allow for the secure attachment of roll mesh and clear blinds.

Pattons Awnings custom make awnings to the requirements of the client for their particular set of local conditions and limitations.

A custom made fixed awning when designed to suit a specific space and purpose will outlast other forms of shelter, providing years of waterproof and sun shade protection.

A fixed awning is a permanent solution and a worthwhile investment for any street frontage, outdoor BBQ area or walkway.