Paslode Australia  are well known suppliers of power fastening tools within the hardware industry in Australia, and now they have a new impulse framing nailer in their range of pneumatic and impulse nailers.

Recently, Paslode Australia launched their latest impulse framing nailer designed specifically for the Australian and New Zealand hardware industry, the Paslode Impulse FrameMaster.

The new Paslode Impulse FrameMaster is being marketed with a campaign that highlights the brand's 25 year history in the development and manufacture of gas powered nailers, which has helped deliver a tool with substantial benefits to end users:

  • tougher – new engine design eliminates the use of O-rings and delivers greater reliability with less servicing
  • faster – dramatically reduced actuation force combined with improved skew nailing helps get the job done quicker and easier
  • smarter – all new fuel delivery system ensures greater reliability with easier loading.
Paslode Australia have also developed an all new fuel cell. This new product, known as the “Twist N Lock” fuel cell, simplifies the task of preparing the fuel cell for use, and it can satisfy all types of nailers currently available on the Australian market.

This new Paslode Australia product is supplied with optional adaptors enabling the correct adaptor to be selected by an end user prior to loading the fuel into their nailer.

Further to this, as the new Paslode Australia fuel cell satisfies 100% of end users there is no need to for retailers to qualify a sale by checking which type of framing nailer a customer has.