Geosheet - CS15F (15mm) drainage cells
This product replaces the standard use of aggregates to form drainage layers which are expensive to purchase and difficult to compact. Geosheet is light weight, flexible, easy to handle and quick to install. It is available in single and double cuspated profiles with a calendared nonwoven geotextile attached which acts as a filter.

The large thin sheets of the double cuspated profile provide an airlock between the drainage layer and the wall. These drainage cells also reduce hydrostatic pressure behind walls and have a high void ratio in both vertical and horizontal applications.

Coredrain - CD1200 (18mm) drainage cells
This product can be installed behind retaining walls, bridge abutments and basement walls. Coredrain drainage sheets have geotextile glued to one side and the sheet is installed with this side facing the soil. Any water present in the soil then filters through this fabric into the core of the product and is passed down vertically to the bottom of the Coredrain where additional drainage will remove the water from the site.

Coredrain is ideally suited to draining foundations and basements thus decreasing the chance of structural damage caused by movements of the foundations in expansive soils.