A collection of door lever handles has been developed by Parisi Doorware for a range of different uses including projects, commercial, premium, limited series, and plate options. The range is made from high quality materials and designed to be durable and long lasting, without compromising style.  

The Project range features 13 different contemporary and traditional door lever handles in gold and silver. The customer has the option of a glossy or matte finish to suit any door. The lever handles include Alto, Apollo, Baia, Bastone, Ibiza, Linea, Lyra, Mailland, Mare, Patrizia, Rominia, Siena, and Wing. The Premium range features 24 different door lever handles, also available in gold or silver with a matte or glossy finish. The modern look door lever handles include the Blade, Karina, Linz, Modulo, Olimpo, Samoa, Stylo, Surf and Venice. The more traditional look door lever handles include The Venus, Tipo, Studio, Pegasus, Aladin, Breeze, Iris and more.  

The Commercial range features 8 all silver door lever handles, both contemporary and traditional in design, with glossy and matte finishes. This includes the Isle, Linea, Modulo, Sail, Samoa, Slant, Slat, and Slit. The Limited Series also features only silver door lever handles in 30 different styles.  Parisi Doorware has also designed 6 different plate options to match the door lever handles in both gold and silver. The range includes Astra, Lara, Narrow Round, Narrow Square, Oceania, and Thalassia.