Parisi Doorware  have designed a large collection of door accessories including door knockers, door stops, escutcheon’s, flush bolts, flush pulls, hinges and locks. All the accessories are built to the highest quality to ensure they are long lasting, stylish and easy to maintain. Each piece can be made in gold or silver, with a matte or glossy finish, which means there is a style to suit every door in every room of a house.  

There are seven door knockers including Barocco A, B and C, Egeo A and B, Toro, and Benny. Each one features unique and ornate detailing including hexagonal patterns, curved or straight edges, in both modern and traditional designs. The nine door stops feature rubber ends to protect the metal and reduce noise. The 1003 door stop has a thin cylindrical shape, while the 1000, 1305 and 1306 has a more traditional curve with 90 degree angle. Eleven circular escutcheon’s also feature in the Parisi Doorware collection.  

There are seven flush bolts available in different variations of the classic style, and nine flush pulls in more contemporary designs. Four sturdy hinges are also made by Parisi Doorware, and fifteen secure locks to ensure maximum safety.