Parisi Bathware  distributes variety of cisterns such as Swissfix new generation, Vanity star artline, Compact front flush, Vanity set and Compact remote flush. Swissfix new generation is ideally designed for wall hung pans while Vanity star artline id ideal for floor mounted pans. Parisi Bathware also supplies different types of baths such as Fontana bath and IO bath.

Fontana bath is made from white Pietraluce which ideally serves both the functions of bath tub as well as a shower tray. IO bath is a wall mounted basin which has a very unique design. It is avaliable along witha support shelf and bath is made from composite resin material.

Various shower systems offered by Parisi Bathware includes Twinspace shower system and Tatami shower system. Twinspace has two outward opening pivot doors attached to the fixed side screens by chrome plated hinges.Tatami shower consists of ceramic bricks enclosed in a polymer tray. The bricks offers a foot massage while showering and the water passes through these bricks into the waste outlet.

Parisi Bathware supplies various types of accessories like blade accessories, cubo accessories,diametro accessories, edge accessories, flow accessories and many others. Parisi Bathware also offers tapware like Diametro 35 which consists of both cylindrical vertical and horizintal lines accompanied by a compact cartridge system.