Parisi Bathware , distributor of quality designer bathware, is committed to bringing its customers the best, and has recently introduced two new ranges to its collection of bathware. The Jazz and Blend bathware ranges by Art Ceram were both designed by Meneghello Paolelli Associates of Italy.

The Jazz range of bathware invokes a calm and sophisticated feeling, with diamond shapes reminiscent of art deco, combined with the minimal lightness of modern design simplicity. The Jazz bathware range introduces a revolutionary new design approach to the often overlooked realm of sanitaryware.

Jazz is no longer simply an item of functionality as it has evolved from the simple
pedestal basin of yesteryear into a design piece of beauty that is suited to elaborate or minimal surroundings.

The Jazz bathware collection includes a ceramic pedestal basin in two sizes, a bench mounted basin, wall-mounted basin in two sizes, wall-mounted and floor-mounted pans and bidets, a complete wall faced suite as well as a freestanding
washbasin manufactured from Icetek. The bathware range is also available in black and white.

As a Red Dot design winner of 2009, Blend sanitaryware range is just as desirable. Shaped on the human body, the range is designed to be soft and light, dynamic, relaxing, feminine and masculine all at the same time.

According to a Parisi representative, the Blend bathware range is described as “A surface added to two or more other surfaces to provide a continuous join between them.”

The icon that best represents the Blend project is the four centimetre band that
describes the upper map and splits two distinct elements of the fixture, the bowl and the sides. A sinuous movement beginning and ending at the wall and enclosing the bowl and the taps and fittings is “blended” by an unbroken, harmonious surface.

The sides are gently curving and enveloping surfaces that delimit the fixture,
following the rhythm set by the upper band.