Nettuno under counter basin, from Parisi Bathware has a distinctive rectangular shape that, with its slightly rounded corners, provides aesthetic appeal and functionality.  

It needs to be specified with a 32mm overflow plug and waste which needs to be ordered separately. These under counter basins have an 8L capacity and comes complete with under counter fixing brackets. As a standard, the overflow is positioned at the front of the basin bowl.  

The under counter basin’s fixing brackets are designed for two different applications. For timber bench-tops, screw directly to the underside to hold the basin in place. For granite, marble or stone bench-tops, it is suggested that 4 blocks of timber be glued to the underside surface, then for the brackets to be inverted and screwed to the timber blocks.  

Nettuno under counter basin is coloured white and it is packaged in a single 8.5kg carton. When specified with other Parisi Bathware Accessories, it helps create an attractive, functional bathroom.