Free standing basins designed in Italy have been introduced to Australia by Parisi Bathware . The curves of Miss and the angles of Sharp washstands are made possible by their unique Icetek composition and impose a distinctive presence in the bathroom.

Designers Sandro Menghello and Marco Paolelli merge sculptural elements into their latest washstands called Sharp and Miss. By using Icetek, a unique composition of stone and acrylic, the designers were freed from the design restrictions of fired ceramic and able to incorporate unusual angles and curves to produce two distinctive and eye catching fixtures for the bathroom.

Sharp washstands feature a square basin on a solid base of eight triangular facets. The facets are created from a ‘web of points’, fashioned when the washstand is rotated on its base.

According to Mario Longo, Technical and Marketing Co-ordinator of Parisi Bathware, their angled edges create an optical illusion of movement. “The mind tells us that the basin is a solid fixed object but the angled edges give the impression that the basin is moving all the time. I’ve seen nothing else like it.”

Miss has soft smooth ergonomic lines, contrasting with the defined angles of Sharp. The front surface of the washstand has been designed to curve around the user’s feet, developing its shape upwards in one long sinuous arc before dipping to form the almost oval basin.

The concave front surface moulds into the body, allowing a person to lean easily into the basin. Its flowing white lines combine functionality with sleek style prompting reviewers to describe Miss washstands as designed ‘perfect for the human form’.

These unusual and elegant washstands are made possible by using Icetek. Icetek is a man made composite material made from recycled powdered stone and acrylic dust. Its unique properties mean it can be twisted, melded and sliced into creations not possible using ordinary fired ceramic. The surface is non-porous and comes in a crisp white finish.

Parisi Bathware has exclusive rights to market Miss and Sharp washstand designs in Australia.